Things Are Getting Real Footloose Over In Des Moines

Chace Crawford should get down there and do some RESEARCH (Chace Crawford is basically a method actor. In order to play Nate Archibald he spent six months staring at his bangs in a mirror) because THIS BOAT IS REAL! From the AP:

Dancing the night away in Des Moines doesn’t seem to be at the top of many must-do lists. Maybe because it’s illegal.

An obscure city ordinance outlaws publicly shaking your groove thing in Iowa’s biggest city after 2 a.m.

Few even were aware of the ban until members of the nonprofit Des Moines Social Club sought to hold an after-hours dance at their downtown building. They were told no-go on the tango.

Officials and boosters in the city of 200,000 who have fought for years to liven up Des Moines’ sleepy image agree the ordinance should be repealed. A proposal to do just that was tentatively approved by the City Council on Monday, though a final decision won’t come until mid-August.

The ordinance, which dates to at least 1942, bans public dancing between 2 a.m. and 6 a.m. Monday through Saturday. Residents must suppress the urge to Macarena in public until 8 a.m. on Sunday.

You know, old laws will be old laws. Sometimes they are kind of ridiculous (“no babies outdoors unless the babies are wearing a hat” or whatever) and often you have to climb down from the shoulders of your ancestors and try to put yourself in their shoes to make sense of it all. But even then I’m still not sure why dancing had to start up again at 6AM. It was probably because of all the socially accepted bigotry against women and blacks. EVERYBODY HATELOOSE.