Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments

There has been a lot to talk about this week! Michael Jackson died, you guys! Over a week ago, actually! And no one will shut up about it! And there was that awful, fake Disnelyand wedding proposal. And Ryan Gosling had some ridiculous things to say about his new music album, which has no bearing on the quality of the music itself, which is pretty good in its way, and no one ever said it wasn’t, but you have to admit was a ridiculous thing he said. Also, shopping malls. ‘Member ‘nem?

Oh, here’s a thing: now that we are officially A FAMILY, let’s have a new HOUSE RULE. When you see a factual, grammatical, or spelling error in a post, just email me instead of commenting about it. Those corrections are really useful, and I’m going to fix what you help me to fix, and then your comment won’t even make any sense. Besides, those comments are boring. And if you don’t remember to email me and you instead leave your corrections in a comment, you have to put a quarter in the Boring Comments Jar, and at the end of the year we will have an ice cream party! (No we won’t. I was just kidding. But let’s keep that made-up jar that doesn’t exist real-life empty!)

OK, so, yes, to the point! After the jump, this week’s five highest rated comments and one lowest rated comment, as voted on by you. And also the editor’s choice. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, COMMENT SOMETHING.

This Week’s Highest Rated Comments


Oh hey, that was me. I’ve been waiting for you since 10 o’clock the next day. I aborted our baby but I’m sure he would’ve been a musical genius. Whoops!

Posted by: Whyareyouyelling in response to The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: August Rush
Score = 74

[Ed. Note: this comment was made in response to the #3 comment of the week. Nice work everyone. ALLY-OOP!]


Wow. Did you see the monkeys twitter update after this video?

Posted by: bingo gas station in response to This Is A Video Of A Monkey Making Out With A Cat
Score = 86


This same thing happened to me at an NYU party, except instead of a musical orphan-child the surprise was chlamydia.

Posted by: TheRealMatt in response to The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: August Rush
Score = 113



Posted by: Carrie in response to The Orphan Poster Needs More Taglines!
Score = 144



Posted by: devin in response to The Orphan Poster Needs More Taglines!
Score = 154

This Week’s Lowest Rated Comment

For goodness sakes, do Darjeeling Limited.

Posted by: sam in response to The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: August Rush
Score = -52

[Ed. note: for the first time since we started this feature, the lowest rated comment does not concern conservative politics! Which makes sense, as this is primarily a site about people falling off of trampolines, regardless of which side of the aisle that trampoline is located. In any case, the Videogum community’s frustration with the nomination of Darjeeling Limited to the Hunt almost makes me feel like I should write about it, but I can already tell you that not only is that not the Worst Movie Ever Made, but that it is a Movie I Officially Like. I really hated The Life Aquatic (maybe I should write about that one?), and so I went into Darjeeling with no expectations really. By that point it seemed like Wes Anderson had pretty much collapsed in on himself like a dying star of twee aesthetics. But I liked it. Very much actually. Sorry, sam!]

Editor’s Choice

What bouncer lets a fishmonger with a harpoon into a strip club? Outside of boats and lakes, you would think regular land people would stop that shit.

Posted by: meesh in response to The World’s Worst Visual Metaphor

[Ed. note: that’s just true. The bouncer in that PSA was very careless to let a fisherman with a harpoon into the strip club. Frankly, I also think it was a little macabre on the part of the audience to just sit there and watch as he gutted a woman on stage. No one is going to try and stop him? Just going to sip your appletinis and stare at your boners? Come on, land people!]