Taco Bell Rips Off Wendy’s Ripping Off The Lonely Island

Taco Bell has a new ad that is obviously a total rip-off of the Lonely Island. I’m on a new bacon cheesy potato burrito, I’m on a new bacon cheesy potato burrito, everybody look at me, I’m on a motherfuckin’ new bacon cheesy potato burrito. Fair enough. Ranchero chicken soft taco in my pants. Besides, Taco Bell has been struggling to figure out a way to best remind customers that they continue to serve up garbage nightmare food ever since Beverly Hills Chihuahua rendered their spokesdog irrelevant. “Yo quiero BRAND IDENTITY.”

Except, if you’re going to just rip someone off for your advertising, at least rip them off first, guys. Wendy’s ripped off the Lonely Island weeks ago*. YA BURNT**!

Think outside the bun THREE WEEKS AFTER THE BUN ALREADY THOUGHT OF IT. (Look out Don Draper! After I use my time machine to KILL HITLER, I am coming for your job!)

(Via AfroJacks.)

*Admittedly, this ad is a couple of weeks old. But it is still not as old as the Wendy’s ad. And thus the math remains the same. As math has a tendency to do.
**More like YA MICROWAVED! Am I right? (It is Friday, and I did not sleep very much last night, so you shut up.)