Kids Humiliate You On The Dance Floor The Darndest Things

It’s not like you think you’re the best dancer or anything. There are way better dancers than you in this world. You know that, come on. Of course you know that. But you enjoy dancing. A lot. And even if you recognize that there are tons of better dancers out there, that doesn’t mean that you don’t think you’re a good dancer. Maybe even a great one. You’ve got your own style. All your friends tell you that you’re the best dancer they know. And there’s something about being out on the dance floor with the right music and the right type of energy going and you are transported. You feel faster and cooler and lighter than you do in your everyday life. Your body seems to work more efficiently, like some kind of beautiful machine. And OK, yes, during the week sometimes you will work out new moves. Not like serious choreography or anything, besides you like your dancing to be more spontaneous, but just, you’ll catch glimpses of yourself in the mirror and just tweak something, pop something, see what it looks like, thinking that maybe you’ll try it this weekend. If it doesn’t work, who cares. It’s just for fun.

But then you see this kid just effortlessly demolish you and your entire concept of self, at least in terms of dancing, falls apart. And he does it without even breaking a sweat, and you don’t have the heart to go out tonight. You’re just like, fuuuuuuuck. Because you realize that you kind of did puff yourself up a little bit. You did kind of think you were a really good dancer. But this kid was like “nope.” And now you’re tired and weak. Because you’re done. He did you.

Goodnight, nurse. (Via BuzzFeed.)