Best New Party Game 5

These are getting easier and easier, at least as long as Twitter is involved. At some point one hopes/imagines that a non-Twitter-based Best New Party Game will come along that is a little more challenging. Ew, what am I even talking about? A Best New Party Game is about having fun. Challenging? Apparently I’m the dude at the party who’s like “I don’t want to play Charades. Don’t you have a copy of Revolution: The Dutch Revolt 1568-1648 that we could play?” And everyone is like “We called you a cab.” You know, parties.

Anyway, this one is easy, like I said. The Twitter hash mark is #1stdraftmovielines. You get it. I’ll go first:

“I am feeling very frustrated with the snake situation on this otherwise normal aircraft.”
“I would also like to have an orgasm like she is having.”
“Why so humorless?”
“Aren’t you guys entertained? AREN’T YOU GUYS ENTERTAINED?”

Mega points. In your face.

Your turn.