Are You There, Internet? It’s Me, Stupid Megan Fox Photoshop Joke

Yesterday, Fangoria (Fangoria still exists? Nice. A round of applause for Fangoria, everybody!) released a new picture of Megan Fox looking like a demon from the upcoming movie from Diablo Cody’s mind, Jennifer’s Body. OK! She looks much creepier than usual! Usually she is only mildly creepy! “Hello, I am a Weird Science Sex Robot from Planet Teen Nerd Dreams.” Now she’s got vagina dentata of the mouth! In any case, it’s just nice to see the visual effects team from The X-Files getting work again.

But I don’t understand how this picture went online yesterday and an entire night has gone by (that is when the nerds arise to work their nerd magic) and no one has even bothered to make the most obvious and stupid Megan Fox Photoshop joke. Hello? Is this thing on?

Get it together, Internet. I’m tired of doing your terrible work for you.