District 9 Continues To Look District Great

The first District 9 trailer looked great. And now there is a new District 9 trailer, you guys:

Oh no, why won’t we let them leave? We should let them leave! But first we should buy tickets to this movie. “Hold on, aliens, we will let you go just as soon as Fandango has finished loading.”

I will tell you this, though: the race riots of the late ’60s that transformed the American social landscape forever would have been a lot different if there had been more mecha. For one thing, Jeffrey Eugenides’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel would have been called Mechasex. And Alex Haley would have helped to co-write The Autobiography of Mecha X. And, of course, years later, as a powerful reminder of how far we still had to go as a country, the Million Mecha March. Well this has taken an awful turn! This guy knows what I’m talking about. Once you start in with the terrible pun jokes you can’t stop, and the next thing you know you’ve got your own Page-A-Day calendar.