That’s Your Boyfriend: Disneyland Wedding Proposal Guy

First of all, you obviously met him while he was WORKING at Disneyland. That is fine, you have to meet your boyfriends somewhere*. But he can relax with the whole “back to the exact spot where we first met” stuff. “Back to the exact spot where I took off my Minnie Mouse head to have a quick cigarette and we first met.” Better. Second of all, large, extravagant, romantic gestures are charming and memorable TO A POINT. You want to propose on the Jumbotron? Propose on the Jumbotron. No one will say anything about it. “He proposed on the Jumbotron.” “OK!” But this is terrifying. Some middle aged lady dragging you around by the arm, another middle aged lady straight chasing you on her rascal scooter. No thanks.

“Not only do I not want to marry you, I don’t even want to see the rest of this play.”

But the real problems are much more deeply rooted. Like, he obviously loves musical theater so there’s going to be a lot more of whatever this is wherever this came from. And you should at least recognize that his apparent obsession with Disneyland has lasted well past the age where an obsession with Disneyland would be acceptable or appropriate. And also, well, I will just say it: your boyfriend seems really gay? Maybe he’s not gay! But you should just be aware that he seems very gay if you are going to spend all those Disney Dollars on a wedding! But the worst part: he clearly loves Improv Everywhere. Yikes. (Thanks for the tip, Chris.)

*”You have to meet your boyfriends somewhere.” — Confucius.