In Case You Have Forgotten The Movement To End Fake Rap

It continues!

Perhaps the most pernicious thing about fake rap is its ability to turn every fake rapper into the Fake Rap Poster Boy. (How do we kill it?!) There has never been a single fake rap that has been so bad as to eclipse all previous and future fake rap (despite what the Super Bowl Shuffle would have you think). They are all equally bad in their own terrible right. Fake rap, like some kind of tone deaf phoenix, rises from the ashes with each new “song,” reborn in all of its miserable, borderline-racist glory shame. And, of course, each new Fake Rap Poster Boy looks almost uncannily like YOUR BOYFRIEND. Spooky.

Take for example this local radio DJ’s fake rapping about getting a speeding ticket, set to “Jiggy With It.”

People still* think this is OK? They’re like, “I’m going to do this because it is acceptable.” (For lack of a better word, thanks for the tip, Colin.)

*Admittedly, this video is from 2007, but if you think that someone wouldn’t do the same thing, overlaying a terrible fake rap on top of “Best I Ever Had” (“Best I Ever Sped”) (sorry) or some shit, you are wrong.