Meet You At The Food Court Of My Memories!

Man, remember malls, you guys? They were really popular a billion years ago, before the Earth was covered in water. Remember when the Earth wasn’t covered in water? Well, back then, there were these places where everyone used to come and shop, and also just hang out. You could grab a Cinnabon and wait for your friends by the fountain in the center of the mall. Teenagers would spend all day there! In the morning, old people came to the mall, and they did power-walks through the quiet corridors before the stores opened.

Before the Earth was covered in water, people even made movies about the mall because the mall was so interesting to people that they wanted to see a story take place there. There was Scenes from a Mall, and Mallrats, and Chopping Mall. Eventually, of course, people stopped going to the mall so much, and they stopped thinking about the mall. Then everyone spent most of their time trying to get on one of the governmental rescue “A.R.K.S.” because we needed to preserve at least some of humanity from all this water everywhere.

Anyway, here is a time-lapse video of an ancient shopping mall.

That looks very dry!

(Via BoingBoing.)