I’m Not Here To Make Friends, 2009

Last year, Genuine Videogum Friend Rich FourFour made a supercut of everyone on reality TV delivering the genre’s Official Slogan: “I’m not here to make friends.” Now, a whole year of reality TV has gone by, and it’s like Sawyer always says “I will never not be in a love triangle with Kate and Jack” “tiger don’t change its stripes!” So Rich made another one.

If you missed last year’s video, you can watch it here. (SPOILER ALERT, people say “I’m not here to make friends.” A LOT.) This one is obviously the best, but I do feel like there are a couple of other reality TV supercuts waiting to be made, such as the “he/she needs to step up to the plate” supercut, and also the dude-called-“Macho”-with-a-giant-diamond-tattooed-on-his-face-crying-in-the-driveway-after-being-kicked-off-From-G’s-To-Gents-because-he-wasn’t-given-a-chance supercut. Oh wait!