Patton Oswalt’s Big Fan Looks Big Great!

Big Fan trailer, you guys:

There’s a lot of defensiveness among Professional Entertainers about being “kept in a box.” These guys are always complaining about it. “It’s so hard to do something different.” “Everyone wants to keep you within the limited confines of your pre-determined media image.” “Just because I made Duets doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be allowed to have a lifestyles newsletter called dedicated towards a self-satisfied life of bourgeois satisfaction!” And cetra. But all of that whining is missing the point. People aren’t derisive of these Entertainers just because they’re doing something new. They’re derisive of these Entertainers because they’re doing something new badly. It’s not that it’s just too weird to see a basketball player rapping so much as it’s that you cannot rap, Shaquille O’Neal.

The point is that it’s really easy to do something different if you do it well. Comedians, just as a totally random example picked for no reason at all, can take on serious dramatic roles if they are good in them. It’s when you indulge yourself in some weird wish fulfillment that outclasses your actual talent that things become a failure pile in a sadness bowl. (Thanks for the tip, JCA.)