Relax, Jews, Everyone Thinks The Britney Spears Holocaust Movie Is A Bad Idea

Remember the Britney Spears Holocaust movie? The Yellow Star of Sophia and Eton? Well some Jews in Germany think that they’re the first people to recognize that this is a terrible idea. From

German Jews are in an uproar over this film. Charlotte Knobloch, president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, has said she is horrified at the prospect of Britney making a Holocaust film. “In films that deal with the Holocaust, the script should be carefully chosen and the cast picked with care,” Knobloch tells the German news outlet Bild. “It is reprehensible to combine the issue of the Holocaust with Britney Spears in an attempt to secure financing for this film.”

Oh, Jews. Come on. First of all, this movie is not real anyway. Second of all, while I’m not saying that it isn’t reprehensible to combine the issue of the Holocaust with Britney Spears, I’m pretty sure that a movie about a girl who “creates a time machine and travels back to World War II where she meets a Jewish man called Eton at a concentration camp” where they “then fall in love and travel back to the present day with the intention of getting married but they are both killed by Nazis” is a pretty fucking offensive idea REGARDLESS OF WHO PLAYS THE GIRL.

That being said, I continue to mark off the days on my Farside calendar until my upcoming hospital appointment in which doctors will surgically cross my fingers, permanently, in the hopes that this movie gets made because of AMAZING.