Worlds Been Had Colliding: 50 Cent And Sexman Edition

50 Cent made another of his impenetrably bizarre vlogs last week (although slightly less impenetrably bizarre than when he wears his Pimpin Curly costume and has nonsensical schizophrenic fights with himself) and this time he had a special guest vlogger: the Internet’s own Sexman! Together, they’re like an Elite Fighting Force called V.L.O.G.G.E.R.Z. who battle the coherency and discernible motivations of the world.

Hahaha, WHUUUUT? “It is Gay Pride week, so I flew the 14-year-old butt of a thousand on-line jokes in from Canada to sit on a midtown balcony and stutter into the camera.” At some point the world is probably just going to collapse from the communal weight of everyone shrugging their shoulders because they’ve simultaneously given up on trying to figure out what the hell is going on around here. (It’s called science, look it up.) (Thanks for the tip, Kelly and Ben and Andrew.)