Hey, Cut It Out You Litter Louts!

There are a bunch of litter louts terrorizing England. Cut it out! Describes Arborath:

A neighbourhood group in Leicester is so annoyed with people dropping litter that it is filming the offenders and posting the videos online. So far 18 clips have been uploaded and anyone who can recognise the culprits is being asked to contact the group.

These guys are worse than the cavity creeps! SHADOWHARE, WHERE ARE YOU?

Incidentally, today’s featured Litter Lout, Litter Lout #15, should probably be arrested a number of charges, including dance, tie, and hair*.

*Ed. Note: This story isn’t really that interesting, but I wanted to be able to make jokes about Litter Louts in the future, because LITTER LOUTS!, and this way you will get what I am talking about.