50 Cent Is Definitely An Over The Hill Clown

Do you guys remember that neat short-film that was actually a promotion for Phillips TVs? It was a camera fluidly moving through a complicated 3D freeze-frame of a cartoonish high-action bank robbery-in-progress with a twist at the end, intended to be played in a loop, and it was visually stunning and basically art and also pretty sinister, all of which made it a particularly “brave” piece of non-contextual marketing? Well throw all of that out into the garbage, because now it’s just the jumping off point for a terrible new 50 Cent video. Congratulations, smart, interesting director who made the original. YA BURNT.

The director of the music video explained this magical blend of Television marketing and hip hop (via NahRight):

“We actually have a partnership with Phillips where they gave us the rights to take this commercial,” he added. “It was kinda underexposed. They made a great piece but maybe didn’t know how to use it that well so we took it and we just taking it way over the hill with a smash record at the same time and the biggest hip-hop artist on the planet.”

At first I was like, “HAHAHA. Over the hill? You dumb.” But then I looked it up on Urban Dictionary:

Over the Hill

2. to dress up in a drug store clown mask and have a dance party on the set of Nick Cannon’s Wild N’ Out.

Ex. If there had been more dance parties on the set of Nick Cannon’s Wild N’ Out, the made-for-TV adaptation of Stephen King’s IT would have been totally over the hill.

Please accept my apology, Chris “Broadway” Romero. This video is very over the hill.