This Kid Has A Bright Future In World’s Best Freakouts

The kid from the World’s Best Freakout video in which his mother supposedly suspended his World of Warcraft account and in retaliation he shoved a remote control into his butt, has another best freakout. Wait, this is his third one? I can’t keep up with this kid’s best freakouts. This time, he is disappointed with his birthday gift.

OK, well, this is fake. As was the other one. Either that or all of his shirts are broken. But you have to admit that the kid has a certain talent for faking world’s best freakouts. I particularly liked the line “you guys always want to make me look like a poor kid in front of my friends.” That shows just the kind of thinking on one’s feet that an employer looking for someone to fill the role of Manager of the World’s Best Freakouts Division would be looking for.

“OBJECTIVE: to grow and expand my skills in the field of world’s best freakout for a creative and fast-paced company in the freakout industry.”
–This Kid’s Resume