Funny People Is Taking Hollywood To Viral Marketing School

I have to say, Judd Apatow’s upcoming Funny People is killing it in the Viral Marketing Department (with the possible exception of that talking Adam Sandler head on a baby’s body clip, which was supposed to be awful, and it was, but without any kind of complicated commentary on awfulness in which the awful goes back to good). It’s not some complicated game where you have to get weird automated voicemail messages on your phone or put in six weeks of hour work days just to get a free Dark Knight poster. It’s just simple, fun, character-based websites that add depth to the film while also being fun and funny in their own right. In the spirit of Yo Teach!, this week the site for Aziz Ansari’s character Randy was launched at (via HuffingtonPost).

Randy is a foul-mouthed comic with his own DJ/hypeman whose jokes mostly have to do with getting his D S’ed. Aziz doing stand-up in character after the jump:

More here.

The site also includes a soundboard and information about Darfur. I guess it makes viral marketing a lot easier when you actually have talented people to work with in support of a (one hopes?) quality project. Like, I’m not sure that I would have really been impressed by a website featuring Elliot Moore’s Earth Sciences syllabus. But still. Pay attention, Hollywood.