The Informant! Sure Got Wacky And Fat All Of A Sudden

The Informant trailer, you guys:

Huh. I actually read The Informant, Kurt Eichenwald’s account of Mark Whitacre’s enthusiastic participation in a covert FBI investigation into Archer Daniels Midland (supermarket to the world). I read it after hearing a really good episode of This American Life dedicated to Eichenwald’s/Whitacre’s story. You should listen to it, it’s really interesting. But I don’t remember it being as wacky, or as fixated on how funny mustaches can be. I also don’t remember Mark Whitacre’s chubbiness being one of the main things that was interesting about the story, but I guess when Matt Damon puts on 30 pounds for a role, you have to make the most of it. THE MOST OF IT! (Get it? Fat.)

In any case, according to IMDB Patton Oswalt is also in this. And I do love Steven Soderbergh for the most part. So I suppose I can put aside my understanding of the FACTS and try to enjoy what looks like the madcappiest comedy about agro-industrial espionage and white collar malfeasance of 2000forever.