OK Internet, Here’s The New Andrew WK Dancing On TV GIF You Asked For

Andrew WK went on the CW11 this morning at 6:45AM to promote his new show, Destroy Build Destroy. You know, 6:45AM, the time when most AndrewWK fans and/or the children for whom his new show is intended are watching the morning news. In any case, it was a very boring interview, which actually had less to do with the ungodly hour and more to do with the insufferableness of local morning news anchors. “Most rock stars like to wear black and look goth, but you wear all white.” Really? What year is it? 2000 and huh? (Followed by a joke about Oxi-Clean. Smart.) At one point Andrew WK started to talk about going on a date with Kathy Griffin, which might have been kind of interesting if the anchor lady hadn’t literally cut him off mid-sentence and just been like “Whoops, sorry, we have to go.” It is so awkward when people answer the questions that you ask them, because it’s like, WE DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS.

But one thing did come out of it. In the spirit of the Internet’s beloved animated GIF of Andrew WK dancing with Conan O’Brien, here, interent, is the new Andrew WK dancing on TV animated GIF you have been asking for:

People on morning TV are awful! Go back to bed if you’re going to be like this!