BREAKING NEWS: Gwyneth Paltrow Likes Spain!

Since Videogum first began, not a day has gone by without an email from a concerned tipster wondering whether or not Gwyneth Paltrow likes Spain. Most of the emails are frantically written and in ALL CAPS. Messages such as “DOES GWYNATH ENJOY TRAVELING IN SPAIN? PLEASE HELP!” Or, “WHAT I NEED TO KNOW IS WHETHER OR NOT GWYNETH PALTROW HAS ENJOYED THE SPANICH CULTURE SINCE SHE WAS CHILD!!!1!!”. Well, I have some GREAT NEWS, there is a new interview with her, and it is all about this important topic! It is titled “Gwyneth Paltrow Says Spain Changed Her Life,” because of course that’s what it is titled. From the AP:

NEW YORK – Gwyneth Paltrow speaks almost perfect Spanish — and she does it with an Iberian accent.

The Oscar-winning actress says she traveled to Spain as a teenager, fell in love with the country, and embraces the culture to the point that she visits at least once a year and makes sure her young children, Apple and Moses, also speak the language.

“When I was 15, I went to a small town outside Talavera de la Reina and I had the most wonderful experience. It really changed my life,” Paltrow said in fluent Spanish during a recent interview.

Paltrow said Spain “became a second home.”

Phew! That is a load off. It’s going to be a lot easier to sleep at night. Although something is weird about this interview. Gwyneth doesn’t seem to make any of her trademark tone-deaf comments belying her self-satisfaction and condescending world view. Oh wait, yes she does:

“It is so different from the United States. It seemed to have a history, and the buildings are years and years and years old. Here in the United States an old building is about 17 (years old), and over there it’s from 500 B.C., it’s incredible,” she said.

“Also, the way people live over there. They seem to enjoy life a little bit more. They aren’t running around as much as in New York. They enjoy time with the family. They don’t always have their Blackberries on.”

Paltrow remains close to the family she lived with in Spain, calling them “my Spanish mother” and “my brothers” from Spain. Her success as an actress, she says, hasn’t impressed them.

Yeah, SPAIN DOES SEEM TO HAVE A HISTORY. And the buildings are YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS OLD. Jeez, talking to her must be like talking to an Encyclopedia of Knowledge. STOP PROFESSOR, MY BRAIN CAN ONLY ACCEPT 80GB OF FACTS AT A TIME!

Also, it’s weird that her Spanish family isn’t impressed with her success as an actress. I know that a European Region DVD of Duets is available.

In any case, more great news you guys:

Paltrow recently launched a Spanish-language version of her Web site,

El perfecto!