Millionaires Is Basically Brokencyde But With Girls

There are things that young people do in the full flush of youth that can have surprising and unexpected results later in life. It’s not uncommon for someone getting on in years to regret not having taken better care of their body, or wish they had been more conscientious to the medical and familial results of unprotected casual sex, or grimace at the now faded, warped tattoo that they got on a drunken dare in college. I’m not saying there can’t be some pride in these battle scars, but it is often the impulsive decisions we make when we still feel invincible that later stand as near-permanent reminders of just how vincible we actually are.

My point is that one day the ladies from Millionaires are going to look back on their lives, and the whole thing is just going to seem like one giant misshapen discolored tattoo of a hideous spider right on their fucking metaphorical face. (“Thanks” for the tip, Joseph.)