Jay Leno Works On His Monologue Jokes As If That Was The Problem

NBC released two new promos (after the jump) for the highly-anticipated new Jay Leno show starting at 10PM this fall. Both of the promos feature Jay Leno “working” on some new material at a comedy club. The material is comprised almost entirely of monologue jokes, because of how monologue jokes are the purest form of hilarious humor and also the thing that people want to sit and listen to for an hour. You know, most people who watch late night television JUST watch the monologue jokes and then they turn it off because they know nothing will ever be funnier or more interesting than the monologue jokes. They don’t fast-forward through all the terrible monologue jokes at all. AND monologue jokes are so timeless. If any of these jokes go over well, he will definitely be able to carry them over to his new show. Because you can tell the same monologue forever, because it’s never entirely dependent on ephemeral news events or pop culture references with insanely short half-lives. You should hear my monologue jokes about Elian Gonzalez’s trip to a Sixpence None the Richer concert. It killllllllz.


Wait a second, Jay Leno. You were just on TV for 17 years as host of television’s premiere resource for hacky monologue jokes. You should feel supremely confident that when it comes to terrible, unfunny, overly topical monologue jokes, you are a professional. You should probably focus on other things, like what the fuck your show is even going to be, or, you know, a name for your show. No? Still got to get up in front of these people and knock the rust off these ham-fisted monologue jokes that will be unusable by this afternoon? Sure.



To be fair, I already wasn’t looking forward to Jay Leno’s new show, and now I am still not looking forward to Jay Leno’s new show. So it’s not like these promos are hurting NBC’s chances in the lucrative Me demographic.

*Heckling, of course, is awful. This was just for comedic purposes. Never do it for real.