That’s It, I’m Retiring After Today

Lindsay here. As you might have seen in the comments Monday, I’m leaving Videogum, and today is my last day of school. But this isn’t my last post, this is just the post where I explain that I’ll be completely not following any sort of normal news cycle today (EVEN THOUGH MICHAEL JACKSON TOTALLY DIED, WHAT THE HELL?), and will instead be posting whatever the heck I want! Including some favorite videos from the past year and even at least one new thing that’s really super gross! So if you’re like “WTF?”, that’s why. Gabe will be normal, though, so don’t be scared!

Also, your Gen X celebrities will continue to die until I get a new job. You heard me! Let’s see who might be next.

Oh no, keep this guy away from Alyssa Milano and her classic Teen Steam fitness video!:

It’s going to be a fun, weird, creepy, cute day! (Thanks for the tip, Callum!)