Zachary Quinto Is A Performance Artist Now

Being a celebrity does have to be a living hell to some extent. I’m not saying that it doesn’t come with a lot of pretty exceptional perks, and of course it’s annoying when celebrities complain about their fame, but you can see how it makes some people go crazy in their brains. You’re constantly being followed and harassed. Every decision you make is cataloged for scrutiny and ridicule. It’s not even an issue of lack of privacy anymore, this is just straight up aggression. Opposite privacy. Our celebrity culture is like some kind of hardcore Psy-Ops developed to incapacitate enemies. It’s awful! Let these people get their Starbucks and ignore their children in peace!

But when life gives you paparazzi lemons, make ridiculous mindfuckade. That’s Zachary Quinto’s motto. He put it on Cafe Press t-shirts and everything (he did not put it on Cafe Press t-shirts). Seriously, this video of him just straight fucking with the paparazzi is great. Good for him. Good for the guy wearing a steak costume (WHOOPS, NO SPOILERS).

Huh? GOTCHA! Zachary Quinto is like a real life Vinny Chase. He’s not going to play the game. And you’re going to love him for it! (Via Dlisted.)