Meghan McCain Is A Great Person To Be The Best Person The Republicans Have

On the one hand, it took a lot of courage for Meghan McCain to go on Bill Maher’s show this weekend. She doesn’t have the media training or experience or knowledge of who Ronald Reagan is to defend her point of view against these guys. On the other hand, Meghan McCain is, on some level, representing the women of her generation, so it would be nice if she didn’t make a wittle pouty face and refer to her blondeness when she got (appropriately) zinged by Paul Begala. The worst part comes at 1:33, when Bill Maher actually “Awww”s her. If Bill Maher “awww”ed me I would just give up:

I guess last month when I said we have to like Meghan McCain now it was just because Stephen Colbert made her look really good. I’ve got it!: Meghan McCain should start taking political science classes.