The First Promo For FOX’s The Fatchelor More To Love: Who Is This Guy?

Wait, FOX’s July 28 overweight-people dating show by the creator of The Bachelor isn’t called The Fatchelor anymore, it’s back to being called More To Love? (Variety hasn’t published a correction.) Okay, well, that’s weird, but here’s the first promo for it. Lest anyone thinks that the crazy-eyes crying chick who wails “I just don’t want to be alone!” is sacrificing even a shred more dignity than a skinny Bachelor contestant, where ladies have been known to shout “My eggs are dying!,” trust me, she’s not:

What’s actually unusual about this in the context of the Bachelor franchise is the lack of focus on the dude. Every other Bachelor promo follows a specific script: “Meet _____, a (doctor/investment banker/winery owner) who’s looking to find love.” Then they show shots of this person doing something athletic, and standing on the beach alone shielding his eyes as he looks out over the ocean, his chest glistening from the surf as he speaks in voice-over about knowing the right girl is out there and wanting to find her. They even sometimes use the guy’s first and last names! But this promo puts very little focus on the designated “prize.” He’s just basically a Human Male. I’m not saying this show isn’t pointless already — only one Bachelor in the whole history of the franchise has ever been funny, and they had to bring him over from England — but it’s strange that they went in such a different direction with this one. I guess we’ll have to wait until July 28 to find out why our “Kevin James-type” is so sought-after, assuming anyone can actually stand to watch this show.