Old Fred Still Annoying After All These Years

Tipster Chris sent in this video with a note.

“This guy is spot-on as Fred from Youtube. So does that make him the best or the worst? I am confused by the rules.”

No problem, Chris. I’m happy to help. It makes him the worst.

I mean, he did a good job of taking something completely unbearable and making a similarly unbearable parody of it. Congratulations? In any case, no big deal. Because at first I was worried that this was a really sad guy and we don’t make fun of really sad guys, but he’s not! His name is Greg Benson and he’s got his own website, and he’s been in tons of nationally broadcast weed-killer commercials and everything, so he’s doing fine. Acting!

Although, this video could have obviously been more accurate since we all know that in 40 years Fred will be President of the United States AND the CEO of Brawndo Inc.