I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here: Praying With Spencer Pratt

I’m going to start out by saying this: we will not be regularly covering I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here on this site. I know that saying that is like calling someone to tell them you’re never calling them again, but the two excruciating hours I spent with this show last night were enough to convince me that the degree of contempt I have for both the show and any person who can manage to watch it every night for four nights a week is so strong that I must recuse myself. Seriously, get a life, America. I understand that The Spencer And Heidi Villain Show has a degree of inherent entertainment, but four nights per week for anyone not on doctor-mandated bed rest is inexcusable. Anyway, if you want to see Spencer’s rants about how the villain is the one who gets the Oscar or his (scripted) call to NBC’s Ben Silverman or his rap or the part where he slapped a bottle of water out of half of Frangela’s hand, go to any other website on the internet. But if you want to see him and Heidi LEADING ROD BLAGOJEVICH’S WIFE IN PRAYER, here that is. Christians (and all other people) should boycott this show.

Heidi “has a connection.” Because that’s how Jesus is supposed to work:

I like how this clip is just three minutes out of two (horrible) hours, yet it succinctly showcases how delusional and ignorant Spencer, Heidi, Patti Blagojevich, and Janice Dickinson are (though, sadly, everyone else on the show is surprisingly decent, and therefore boring). If there was any actual reason to watch this show, it would be for the somewhat shocking theme of Christianity, which Heidi and Spencer mention over and over. If those two had identified themselves as members of any other religion, there would be a press release out today calling for a boycott. Though it was funny when Heidi summoned the full power of her Lord to give her the strength to gobble down a rat’s tail. (Funny — but not five hours per week of one’s precious life funny. Worst.)