How I Met Your Disappointing Season Finale

Kids, sometimes life brings disappointments, like last night’s season finale of the still totally great show How I Met Your Mother, which was predictable and lovey dovey and, ironically for its title and theme (“The Leap”), not very risk-takey. (We judge harshest what we lovest most, or whatever.) You can watch it here. But sometimes in life the shows you love disappoint you, and you just have to look back at the rest of the season and think of the good times, like the episode where Barney hired actors to play his fake family for years to please his mother. That was gold. Or, you can do what I did and go on YouTube with nothing but a hunch and find that a foot fetishist has already uploaded a scene from last night’s episode featuring Ted’s (Josh Radnor’s) feet, just in time for impromptu Videogum foot fetish day, which started an hour ago and ends now:

Seriously. It’s just feet:

This same person also presents clips of the feet of Matthews Lillard and Fox, and Denzel, and a bunch of other random actors. As for How I Met Your Mother, at least we found out the deal with that goat.