Wait, The Cleveland Show Is Literally Going To Be Black Family Guy?

As we know, the beloved character of Cleveland Brown from Seth MacPooplane’s* Family Guy is getting his own show. It’s even been picked up for a second season months before the first season airs. Perfect. But technically this is a spin-off, right? And don’t spin-offs usually incorporate the tone of the original, but are otherwise unique shows unto themselves? So All in the Family spun off Maude, which itself spun off Good Times. Happy Days spun off Mork and Mindy. The Cosby Show spun off A Different World. Oprah spun off Dr. Phil. And all the other examples that I could have copied and pasted from the Wikipedia page about TV spin-offs but won’t because this isn’t the University of Internet’s Department of Lists of Film and TV Facts Studies.

The point being that all of those shows are vaguely based on some tangential aspect of the original programs, but are very different in style and casting and take on a life of their own. They’re not literally the exact same show but drawn with a brown marker instead of a peach marker.

The Cleveland Show trailer, you guys:

Same living room. Same bar. They’ve even replaced the ridiculous talking dog with a ridiculous talking bear, just in case you were worried that there wouldn’t be some stupid talking animal in this stupid looking show.

Congratulations, America. You’ve earned it.

*I like to think that Seth MacPooplane is less a mockery of his name and more an homage to his sense of humor.