SNL Just The Funny Parts: Hey, It’s Everybody!

Has anyone talked to Justin Timberlake? Because he didn’t show up for his part-time job Saturday night. (Groan.) The SNL finale was fantastic! Will Ferrell was in top form, and the show copied the 30 Rock finale by getting too many guest stars to keep track of, including Tom Hanks, Norm MacDonald, Amy Poehler, Paul Rudd, Anne Hathaway, Elisabeth Moss, and, for some reason, Artie Lange. After the jump, the five best parts, including two that NBC hasn’t put online.

5. The Cheney And Bush Cold Open:

4. The Ghost Of Harry Caray visits Weekend Update and goes off the rails:

3. Introducing Mark, from the creators of Jeff:

2. Everyone shows up for “Goodnight Saigon.” (The best part is Paul Rudd pretending to play the violin):

1. Jeopardy. Duh. Best non-Palin sketch of the season:

Tom Hanks can still do it live! The only person who felt missing was Tina Fey, but she’s probably on some much-deserved vacation and didn’t want to go to there.