If You Like This Poster, Here Are Some Other Things You Might Like

Do you like this poster? Do you? It’s OK if you do. Just say that you like this poster. Just say, “when I see this poster, I am intrigued and want to know more.” Is that a movie poster? (That’s you talking still.)

“Is that a movie poster?”
— You.

“Huh, pretty cool poster, don’t you think? I mean, it just seems pretty cool.”

“Who knows, maybe we should just check this movie out. See what it’s all about. You never know! Could be fun.”

“The thing about this movie poster, I’m not saying this movie is necessarily going to be my favorite thing of all time, I’m just saying that it definitely features elements that appeal to me. I’m not just going to disregard a movie poster like this when it is so clearly in line with the things that I enjoy.”

Here are some other things you might like:

Home Tanning Beds.

“The thing is, I don’t have time to lay out in the sun. I’m very busy. Sometimes, I’ll bring a book in there with me, or what’s that thing that’s not a book but it’s like a book? A magazine. Sometimes I just like to lay there and think about stuff. Cars I wish I owned, or whatever. It’s like a mini-vacation, and after 45 minutes I look great.”

Ed Hardy Wine.

“Matches my t-shirt! And now I’m drunk.”


“I hate when you’re trying to hang out with your bros and they bring their girlfriends. It’s like, guys, can’t we just enjoy each other’s company? Let’s go see this movie. We’ll put our jackets in the seats between us and everyone will know that we’re just really good friends. That Ed Hardy t-shirt looks really pretty I mean tough on you.”

It’s cool. We all like what we like. The Expendables comes out Spring 2010. Fandango.