Zachary Quinto Is A Terrible Hand-Actor

As a registered Trekhead (assistant to the northeast district Captain Trekhead of the Earthship Fanterprise [huh?]), whose favorite movie of all time is now Star Trek*, I’ve obviously started a “Zachary Quinto” Google Alert** so I can keep up on all the Spock News. And that is how I found this disturbing story about my hero’s*** troubles on the set. From

It’s probably the most famous greeting in the universe, but the simple Vulcan salute left makers of the new Star Trek film with a galactic-sized headache – because Mr Spock just couldn’t do it.

After much head-scratching, experts on the $150 million blockbuster – which boasts stunning high-tech effects – hit upon a low-tech but logical solution – gluing actor Zachary Quinto’s fingers together, The Mail on Sunday newspaper in the UK reports.

Quinto, 31, admitted he found it impossible to form his fingers into the distinctive V-shaped gesture, saying: “It’s much harder than it looks. Seriously.”

Yikes. They glued his hands together? Star Trek? More like Todd Browning’s Freaks (1932). It may be harder than it looks, but harder than “completely not hard at all” is still really easy. Come on, Zachary Quinto. Now I have to take down my shrine of you****. This kid knows:

“Grow up, Zachary Quinto.”
–This Baby

Get a grip, Zachary Quinto. Get it? Hand humor.

**Also inaccurate.
***Not my hero.
****I have no shrine to Zachary Quinto. I found Star Trek to be a fun summer blockbuster, that is all.