Stop Boring Hugh Laurie!

Did you know that Hugh Laurie, star of House, M.D., is not actually American at all? He’s from England, where he was a famous comedian! OF COURSE YOU KNOW THAT. Everyone knows that, but because talk show hosts can think of nothing else to discuss with Hugh Laurie other than his provenance, Hugh Laurie is stuck having the same boring conversation in every interview. Someone on YouTube who is probably Hugh Laurie’s hero has put together a well-done reel illustrating this huge national crisis, in which poor Hugh’s frustration is palpable.

Craig Ferguson is actually messing with him (“You have a British motorcycle”) but the rest have no excuse. (It was interesting to learn that the hardest word to say in an American accent is “murder,” though.) Next time you see Hugh Laurie in an interview and they do this, take a drink or something. Poor guy.