Paula Abdul Officially The Lowest Hanging Fruit

There’s a story in the New York Post this morning about Paula Abdul’s run-in with Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno. Apparently, she was interviewed for the movie, and I will give you zero guesses as to whether or not she figured out that she was being major league goofed on all over the place.

PAULA Abdul is about to be ridiculed at a theater near you — and she doesn’t even know it. A source tells us Sacha Baron Cohen, playing a wildly gay Austrian TV reporter in “Bruno,” conducted a wacky interview with the “American Idol” judge. “Paula was totally fooled. She bought into his character and to this day isn’t aware she was fooled,” the insider said. Abdul’s rep had no immediate comment. Universal, which releases the flick July 10, also had no comment. Texas Rep. Ron Paul has already admitted being tricked into a hotel room by Cohen’s character.

To be fair, Paula could be interviewed by a bag of russet potatoes and remain none the wiser. “Thank you very much, Mrs. Brokaw.” I feel like her publicist just answers the phone, “No comment. Hello?” But it’s official: this woman is now the lowest hanging fruit. It may be cheap shots, but she is the fake can of peanut brittle of human beings: GUARANTEED LAFFS. Also guaranteed :(s. One for one.

Remember this old laff?

Unbelievable. She’s lucky to even be alive! I am surprised she hasn’t accidentally flushed herself down the toilet, or put herself in the recycling. She probably couldn’t decide whether she was paper or plastic and it saved her life.

See what I mean? RIPE FOR THE PICKING. Overripe.

Not very niiiiiiice.