Miss California And Perez Hilton Star In The New NOM Commercial

Life gave the National Organization for Marriage lemons in the form of a monumentally stupid Miss USA contestant who spoke out in ignorant support of their bigoted cause, so they made lemonade: this new commercial, which uses the whole brouhaha, including Perez Hilton’s stupid angry liveblog, to show that people who are against gay marriage are being persecuted, when in actuality they’re just being made fun of for their stupid commercials and their no moral or legal leg to stand on. The Perez part of this ad is both nightmarish and kind of funny.

I particularly like their new rationale for denying marriage equality, which is basically “It’ll be so much paperwork, you have no idea!” But I think everyone on the equality side would pay any amount of money for any other spokesperson but Perez Hilton. Michael Vick? The Craig’s List Killer? Hmmm, Ted Haggard? Really, anyone would be better. (Via Politico.)