Lost Creators Now Officially Refusing To Tie Up Loose Ends

Remember Libby? The lady that Hurley had a big (get it?) crush on, and who Michael straight shot in the gut? POP POP! But also remember how in the cliffhanger ending to one episode it turned out that she was also in the psych ward with Hurley before the original crash on the island? Whoa! And remember how in the season finale last year how she gave Desmond his boat? Wow! Just a couple of the many mysteries that Lost has not so carefully built up over the years, making the average viewer highly skeptical and concerned that he or she is going to be left holding a fistful of loose ends when the show ends next year.

Well now, in a series of interviews, Lost creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are basically saying that this is exactly what is going to happen. Because they have confirmed that they have no intentions of completing the Libby storyline.

From Sky1:

Libby is also one of those things where we feel like, that story’s told–it’s done. We’ve told as much about Libby as we wanna tell….For us, Libby’s story is done.

From Lostpedia (via ONTD):

I think the point we were trying to make with the Libby story is that everything is graded in terms of importance for us, and, as we are doing the last season of the show, it’s not going to be sort of a didactic, you know, here’s a list of a thousand questions that we’re going to answer. That would not make for a very entertaining show. We are focusing on what we consider to be the significant questions, and mysteries, and character relationships. That’s the story that we’re gonna tell. I think that the reference to Libby was more illustrative of the fact that I think, we accept the fact that in the end of the day there will, probably, you could ask a spectrum of a thousand different fans “Well what question did you not get answered?” and there might be a thousand different answers, but we are focusing on what we consider to be the main questions of the show and the main narritive. It’s impossible to tie up every loose end, and we don’t really consider, honestly, Libby’s story is incredibly tangential to the principle action on the show.

Grade THIS for importance!

Normally, I am all for leaving certain conclusions unresolved. We all know that the last scene of The Sopranos was a work of art that should be framed like the “Mr. Lisa” and hung in a museum. But we all also know that Lost is not The Sopranos. And it’s not so much that I am so crazed over the Libby story’s resolution that I need to start and/or join a hilariously ridiculous Facebook group. Although I’ve definitely wondered about Libby more than most of the other half-conceived mysteries they’ve thrown in our unsuspecting faces. The important thing is that this is setting off a very dangerous precedent. Now that they have laid the groundwork, they will feel totally comfortable to drop the balls all over the place (is what she said). AS IF THEY CREATED THIS SHOW AND GET TO DO WHAT THEY WANT WITH IT!

Lindelof and Cuse are right, you could ask a spectrum of a thousand different fans what question they want answered and get a thousand different answers, BECAUSE YOU KEEP TAKING US DOWN DEAD END ROADS BECAUSE FOR A LONG TIME THERE I’M PRETTY SURE YOU DIDN’T HAVE ANY IDEA WHAT YOU WERE DOING, YOU MONSTERS! You wash your hands of this? MAYBE WE SHOULD WASH OUR HANDS OF YOU!


*All of this is just a joke. Only nerds care about this stuff, right you guys? Whatever! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go do something really cool.