This Week’s How I Met Your Mother Was Absolutely Hilarious

Now that How I Met Your Mother doesn’t need Britney Spears cameos to be a certified hit, it seems CBS is letting them just do whatever they want or something, because Monday’s episode was one of the funniest of the entire show, including Robin Sparkles/Slap Bet. If you’ve never seen the show, or if you’ve seen one crappy, hug-and-learn episode and wrote it off as a typical sitcom, this episode, “The Three Day Rule,” is your perfect entry point. It has everything: a hilarious hoax, a counter-hoax, a risky but funny incest joke, Neal Patrick Harris/Jason Segel cuddling, and a bouncer quoting Pablo Neruda poetry. HIMYM isn’t nearly as quotable, but this episode was almost as good as a so-so episode of 30 Rock. The greatest compliment!

Any other clips would give too much away, but here’s the opener, in which Barney explains the origin of the “Three Day Rule” of calling girls. It’s not Swingers:

Just watch the whole thing here. By the time NPH and Jason Segel are fighting over who Ted most wants to have sex with, you’ll forget you’re even watching a traditional sitcom. Except the laugh track will remind you. Still!

And here’s a teaser for next week — Robin’s pregnant!:

Robin is totally not going to turn out to be pregnant, but if she is, I really hope the father is the Pablo Neruda bouncer.