Danish Police Officers Don’t Care About Female People

The video posted after the jump features Danish police officers standing on a busy street corner, stopping helmet-less bicyclists, hugging them, and then giving them free helmets. Aww! The video itself is silent (with music), but as the confused cyclists furrow their brows and ask why they have been stopped, you get the sense that the police officers are telling them that they care about their safety, that they don’t want to see them get hurt, that they would hate to see them become just another statistic in another medical study about the frequency of post-hospitalization incidence of intracranial tumors following a sports related closed head injury. It is one of those moments that makes you hopeful for the simple possibility of a better world, a place where people help each other out and the government takes proactive steps for the betterment of its citizens.

Except for one thing.

All dudes.

I think the cyclist at 0:46 might be a lady, but she has very short hair and an adrogynous face, so let’s just put her in the dudes column. NOT ONLY THAT, but at the beginning of the video a TON OF LADIES ride by WITHOUT HELMETS, and the cops are like AT EASE, SOLDIER.

Denmark, very concerned about the well being of its male bicyclists. Ladies take to the streets at their own risk.

(Via BoingBoing.)