Guess Who’s In Post Grad?

The trailer for Post Grad, the new movie starring Alexis Bledel as a whiney wah-wah-wah-the-world-owes-me-my-dream-job recent graduate who’s forced to move back in with her parents while she ignores her Ducky and flirts with an older foreign neighbor from central casting, came out this week. And there’s a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo by a comedian soon to be seen in starring movie roles that seems almost like it was added to the trailer as a joke.

2:15, so random it’s funny:

The movie also stars the brilliant Jane Lynch as the mom, and marks the return of Michael Keaton to doing anything at all. Question: when did Duckys become average looking jock/fratboy types whose only claim to quirkiness is the fact that they play acoustic guitar? I knew Ducky. Ducky was a fake friend of mine. And the guy in this trailer, sir, is no Ducky.