Finally, A Rom Com About Asperger’s Syndrome

Adam trailer, you guys:


Obviously, movies should be able to tell the stories of characters with Asperger’s. They are as deserving of having their experiences committed to film as anything that Bruce Willis has ever been involved with. And in some sense I suppose romantic comedy is as good of a genre as any, and perhaps better than some (horror, psychological thriller, and porno, for example, would be worse). But there’s still something kind of icky about an otherwise by-the-book romantic comedy, that appears to have lifted the “quirky” character of Adam directly from the Wikipedia definition of the syndrome that defines him. The fact of the matter is that for as ridiculous and outlandish as other genres can get, romantic comedy perhaps more than any other, depends on the big hook to differentiate new films from all the painfully similar films that came before. And in this romantic comedy, that hook is a mild form of autism. Yuck.

Or maybe I just need to be more Kelly “Daymare” Bensimon about this.

“Oh, that’s cute.”