Mexico Will Not Receive Visit From Hugh Jackman’s Damp, Pee-Soaked Pants

It appears that Hugh Jackman’s darkly stained pants saturated with his own urine will not pay a visit to Mexican fans this week. He has canceled the Mexico wet-leg of his international peemotional tour for Wolverine: Origins due to the swine flu scare. Reports the AP:

MEXICO CITY – Even the mighty Wolverine is taking precautions when it comes to swine flu.

Film distributor 20th Century Fox says it has canceled actor Hugh Jackman’s scheduled appearance in Mexico City to promote “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.”

Although the swine flu scare definitely seems like overblown media-fueled panic at this point, I’m glad to see that in this one instance, Hugh Jackman did not let the actor in him take over. Better safe than sorry. Wet, and piss-scented, and safe. (Thanks for a similar tip, Gonzalo. Image via HuffingtonPost.)