Joel Bauer Debuts A New Business Card On Fox News

Based on his recent success as a viral video superstar (we did it!), Joel Bauer, aka, “The Business Card Guy,” was a guest on Red Eye With Greg Gutfield last night. At first, when I saw his laughing, smiling, happy-to-be there face and heard him say his Business Card Guy video was just a character created by the video’s director (Troy??), I was crestfallen, but then he totally launched into crazy infotainer motivational speaker content-less ranting and raving and everything was okay in the world again! Here it is!:

(They included the entire original Business Card Guy video because Fox News viewers probably do not understand inside jokes, so I cut that off. Here it is.)

Whew. That’s the Joel we know and love. I love this guy more every time I see him! If you’ve somehow missed out on the Joel Bauer phenomenon (ahem, two of my friends), take a scroll through our Business Card Guy archives. It’s the single most important thing you can do to improve your life and gain wealth beyond your wildest dreams, today.