James Cameron’s Avatar Is Already Breaking Nerds’ Minds

Next December, James Cameron’s 3D adventure Avatar will finally be released in theaters. That is still months away, but this weekend, the New York Times wrote an article about the movie’s potential to be a revolutionary new experience in movie watching, but also about the potential pitfalls of overly enthusiastic expectations. Obviously, after years of heated speculation and drooling anticipation, there is a lot of room for if not failure then at least falling short. Especially when the nerds are so excited that they claim to have ALREADY SEEN THE MOVIE IN THEIR DREAMS!

To date, neither a trailer nor even a still photo from the film, which tells the story of a disabled soldier who uses technology to inhabit an alien body on a distant planet, has been made public by Mr. Cameron or Fox.

But a number of enthusiasts who have been swapping notes on the message boards at claim to have already seen the movie — in their dreams. “The special effects were mostly drawings and cartoons, but they looked 3-D still,” wrote one “planetshane,” whose particular dream involved a pirated copy of an early version.

“It was the best movie I had ever seen,” the post continued.

Oh man. Nerds are the best. Dude didn’t even just dream that he was watching the movie. He dreamed that he was watching a pirated copy of an early version of the movie. And then he posted that dream in an online forum. For discussion with other nerds.

In any case, if his dream based on nothing but feverish anticipation is to be believed, Avatar is gonna be amaaaaaaziiiiing.

I’m surprised people aren’t lining up already. At the hospital. Double dose of chill pills, Doctor House.