Asher Roth, Behold Your Legacy!

Asher Roth first started showing up on hip hop blogs about a year ago, and he always seemed like kind of a joke until you realized that serious people were working with him. Huh. So he is for real? But even as he gained traction, it was still difficult to take him too seriously. He recently did an interview where he admits to just how limited his understanding of the genre is. Fair enough. But dude samples Weezer and rips on Eminem’s style for rhymes about homework. Goofy.

Speaking of sampling Weezer, there is his hit single*, “College,” which I think premiered on College Humor, or Facebook. I think it premiered on a Co-Ed Naked Lacross t-shirt, actually. It’s a catchy but weightless tribute to Will Ferrell’s Old School. I’m pretty sure it was written by the owners of Steve & Barry’s (RIP) and/or the owners of Einstein Bagels central campus location.

His album just dropped last week, but it’s been nearly a year after “College” leaked on-line, and already the true legacy of Asher Roth is revealed:

Frat dudes playing awful covers on their acoustic guitar. PEACE OUT, JACK JOHNSON.

To Asher Roth:

Congratulations, son. New Godz.

Man, I hate college.

*”College” actually only sampled Weezer in its demo form, but even without the sample the official version still sounds really Weezer-y in its hook. Especially when the Asian frat dude jams it on his acoustic guitar.