The New Bruno Poster Suggests It Is Time To Move Forward

New Bruno poster, you guys. Expert job Photoshopping the legs into the edelweiss. You can just feel the freshly bloomed flowers tickling his severed ankles. Seriously, did I make this poster? This poster demonstrates my Photoshop abilities quite accurately. How much longer do you want me to keep making snipey comments about how badly Sacha Baron Cohen’s legs are Photoshopped in this poster as if that’s even remotely important? Forever? Perfect.

Look, the trailer for Bruno looks really good. I think we can all agree on that. But even before seeing this poster, I think we could all also agree that the time is coming for Cohen to find something new. Prank comedy is obviously the most perfect form of comedy (no it is not), but he’s so talented and funny that maybe he can give America’s bigots and monsters a short reprieve and work on something new. Something where a tagline like “Borat was so 2006″ wouldn’t even make sense on the poster, much less actually get approved and used. Meinspace jokes? Fair enough. But in the words of our forefathers, on whose shoulders we are all standing: don’t tread water on me.

Can’t wait for Borat 2: Full Throttle this July, but also can’t wait for whatever comes next. I’m sure it’s going to be very niiiiiiiice. (Get it? You get it.)