Jeff Goldblum Explains The Difference Between Rappers And MCs

Last night was Jeff Goldblum’s debut on Law And Order: Criminal Intent, and the entire show was HILARIOUS, not just because of Jeff’s quirky, nerd-weirdo character, but because the plot was about a bunch of Williamsburg hipsters living in a huge loft and killing each other off in an effort to take over each other’s spots in a shitty band. AND there’s a red herring about how the murders could be caused by minorities in the neighborhood who think the hipsters are displacing them. It’s ripped from the 2002 headlines! Jeff Goldblum had a bunch of really funny lines, but I’m going to have to say this exchange, with the parents of the first dead hipster, was his best work on his first episode:

And if all that isn’t enough, one of the major clues in this case involved BEDBUGS. If you get a chance, I highly recommend catching the rerun of the episode, which is called “Rock Star.” (It airs either at midnight or 1:05 AM tonight, your guess from the official USA network schedule is as good as mine.)

Bonus: Jeff shows off on piano…