So Lil Wayne Was On The View For Some Reason

Apparently it’s hip hop news day on Videogum. Better Twitter it. #letthemknow.

Anyway, Lil Wayne was on The View this morning? Why? I mean, I know he has a new album, but my question remains: why was he on The View? Has his demographic really shifted that much? Was Ellen unavailable? I’m pretty sure you can be a top-selling recording artist in America without having a single The View viewer in your fan-base. Maybe it’s just me, but the ladies of The View, and the people who respect the ladies of The View, don’t seem like the engine of American popular culture. On the other hand, the ladies of The View, and the people who respect the ladies of The View, do seem like the engine of Activa sales. They should interview yogurt. (Huh?)

After the jump, the full interview and performance.

Man, that is the problem with four person interviews. How is a Weezy supposed to get a word in, ladies? And I like that they try and make Lil Wayne out to be some kind of spokesperson for staying in school. Sure. He’s basically a walking Read poster. And enough with the “misunderstood” tatt interpretations. The man is a genius in some respects, but he is ridiculous in most others. Relax, Adjunct Professors of Tattoo Psychology.

Also, cool outfit.

Could mean absoultely anything.

And then there’s this.

God, that song is terrible. But you know what? It’s all worth it for this moment:

Put your JC Penny-sweatered hands in the air, and wave them like you just love visiting New York but you could never live there, and just who is this Mr. Wayne guy anyway?