Roger Ebert Officially The Best Now, Forever

Roger Ebert is the best. Duh. BLOG US SOMETHING WE DON’T KNOW. But now his “best” status is going to be made official, because his childhood home is being declared a historic landmark. From the Sun Times:

Already a national institution, Sun-Times film critic Roger Ebert will achieve landmark status today when his Downstate boyhood home receives a commemorative marker.

During a ceremony at 11 a.m., a bronze plaque will be placed in the sidewalk in front of his family’s onetime residence at 410 E. Washington St. in Urbana. An Urbana native, Ebert lived there with his parents, the late Annabel and Walter Ebert, from 1942 to 1961

Yes. Congratulations, Mr. Ebert. You win.

I’m pretty sure the plaque is just going to read:

Roger Ebert’s Childhood Home
Dude Was The Best
You Don’t Even Know

Because in the future, people won’t know anything.